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Welcome to Genos Magic from Bee Software!


We have been producing top quality keyboard software for over 20 years. The products include a range of simple-to-use registration software for the amazing Yamaha Digital Workstations. 

‘Genos Magic’ is a range of
software created by John Beesley ‘Just for Genos’, designed to showcase these fabulous
instruments. The ‘Ultimate’ range of ‘plug and play’ registration collections gives you
top-quality registrations at your fingertips, ready to play.

Creating great registrations is like fine cuisine – even with the best ingredients it takes knowledge and skill to blend everything together correctly. With these fabulous products all the hard work has been done for you so you can enjoy just playing your instrument. Even though they include some specially edited voices and effects they don't need any special installation procedure – simply plug and play. 


Genos Magic registrations have been created exclusively for the Yamaha Genos and Genos2.

All products are available to buy as download versions as well as boxed versions with a significant saving if you buy the download only version. If you order the boxed version you will receive the software on a 2GB USB stick ready to use in the instrument.

Bee Software also produces the fabulous Key-Tab arrangements - sheet music combined with the best registration software available. Visit for more information. 

And, of course, Bee Software has created V-Console - a fabulous tablet-based system to add a new dimension to your music. Have a look at the V-Console page to find out more.

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New! Version 2.1 

NEW! Version 2.3

All Genos Magic products are fully compatible with the Genos2

New V-Console Genos2 Version Available Now


'Key-Tab Arrangements' are a combination of specially arranged sheet music and the finest registration software available: both created by a professional musician with over 30 years experience working with the latest digital keyboards.​


They are ready-made, professional-sounding arrangements of some fabulous music to just sit down and play, complete with breathtakingly realistic registrations. You’ll feel like you are truly taking advantage of all the technology available.


The hard work has been done for you, so all you need to do is choose a piece, select the registrations and play. Just play some music and enjoy what your instrument can do. 

With 'Classical Magic' and now the 'Premium Collection', the growing 'Key-Tab Arrangements' library now covers all kinds of music: from Classical to Jazz, Chart hits to Film Themes; some well-known pieces and some fabulous music you may not have discovered yet.

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