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Registration Library software for Yamaha Genos
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64 fabulous Theatre & Classical Organ settings at your fingertips.

Download Only Version (pdf User Guide)

All ready to use instantly by bypassing the registration bank.
Uses specially designed MIDI song files to set just the four voice parts with no effect on the chosen style or registration memories.

Printed User Guide & Library on USB


Includes exclusive access to a tutorial video - 'Make Your Own Instant Registration Library'. Apply the same idea to your own registration collection and build a library of favourite settings.

Instant Registration Library from Genos Magic puts 64 theatre & classical organ settings at your fingertips. From gentle flutes and tibias to powerhouse combinations, you’ll find a great theatre or classical pipe organ registration ready to use for any musical occasion. 

By using a new easy-to-use format, they’re ready to use instantly by bypassing registration banks. The secret lies in specially designed MIDI song files with a twist. Instead of containing music, they just contain settings for the four voice parts of the keyboard. Right 1, 2, 3 and Left. When you select one of the files, the parts change instantly without affecting the accompaniment style. They also don’t have any effect on the 10 registration buttons. This allows you to recall complete voice combinations and settings whenever you want without having to load a whole bank of registrations.

The included theatre and classical organ settings are a great place to start, but the package also includes a detailed step-by-step guide to build your own libraries. This means that you can organise all your favourite voice combinations and settings to re-use time after time. 


There is also a complete video guide to making the most out the software, available exclusively to Instant Registration Library customers. Once you have ordered the software please click on the link below and follow the instructions to get access to the video library. You will need to sign up and wait for your purchase to be verified before you will be able to view the tutorial videos.

Tutorial Videos

What is the Instant Registration Library?

It is a collection of MIDI song files with a twist. Each file is not actually a song but a registration setting stored as a song that only affects the voice parts (Right 1, 2 and 3 and Left). When the file is selected on the Genos, it instantly sets up the voice parts without changing the style setting.  

So why is this useful? You can instantly recall individual registrations without affecting the style you have selected or the currently loaded bank of registration memory buttons. You can select them during a live performance (adding to the 10 registration memories available) or store them as a complete registration memory of your own (with a style, etc.) in a registration bank. 

The ’Instant Registration Library’ concept helps you to get the best sound from your instrument every time because you are using top quality ready-made mixes of just what you need. And they’re all available on demand.

To get you started, the Genos Magic ‘Instant Registration Library - Strings’ includes 65 individual registrations stored as MIDI files. They can be easily transferred to the instrument’s User storage so that they are always ready to use. 

But to help you get most out this idea, there are step by step instructions to guide you in creating your own ‘Instant Registration Library’ files from your own collection of registrations. This means you can create a personalised collection of all your favourite settings that you can use in your music making— instantly.

A story...

To help appreciate the value of this new idea, here is a typical story for many players. 


You start to play a lovely ballad. You’ve picked a suitable style, you’ve maybe stored a couple of registration memories and you decide you want to hear a rich tibia and strings mixture when you play the chorus. To create the perfect sound you would probably have to blend 2 or 3 of the voice parts. You don’t want to start from scratch because you know you have a great string ensemble registration that you used in another piece. It’s in another registration bank somewhere on your keyboard or on a USB stick. But which one?

By the time you find this great setting, you have probably lost interest in playing anything! Even once you do find it, copying an individual registration (minus the style) from one bank to another, without losing what you have already started, can be very fiddly.

Instead, imagine that you have at your fingertips a collection of dozens of great theatre and classical organ registrations already blended to perfection that you can quickly listen to, trying each one with your chosen style. And, after finding just the right one, simply store it in your registration memory buttons or just play.