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Created exclusively for Yamaha Genos, Ultimate Easy Listening Registration Collection brings you 320 fabulous registrations ready just to ‘plug and play’. All the hard work has been done for you – now you can play all your easy listening favourites with the Genos sounding at its very best.

All of the styles in the ‘Easy Listening’ section have been furnished with 10 perfectly balanced registrations that allow you to create instant arrangements on the fly by switching between them as you play. They take full advantage of this amazing instrument and including the fabulous ‘Ensemble’ section for exceptional realism.

In addition to the registration banks there is also a ‘Song Title Playlist’ which helps you get the best out of the software with song suggestions for each bank and style.

As a bonus, there is also a collection of specially edited user voices, including ensemble voice settings, ready to use in your own registrations.

Genos Magic… it’s all about the music!

Ultimate Easy Listening Registration Collection (Download Only)

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