What’s New?


Here is a summary of all the new features in version 2.1.4. Of course, you will find more detail in the main ‘User Guide’.

Console Page
  • You can now just 'swipe' across a selection of tabs to turn them on or off as well as tapping them individually.

  • A new ‘AutoBass’ feature plays an automatic bass note by recognising the chord notes played by the left hand.

  • Any active ‘Key Range’ settings for a part are shown beneath the voice name. You can now see instantly whether a voice has been ‘split’ and where you will hear it on the keyboards.

  • When dragging and dropping parts you can choose whether you want the part to be copied (overwrite the existing part) or swapped (the parts change places).

  • You can give parts temporary names. For example, the ‘Diapason’ voice can be re-named ‘Diapason 8ˈ’. These temporary names are stored with the registration and don’t affect the original voice map.

  • There is a separate ‘Rotary On/Off’ button on the V-Console panel. This can also be assigned to a controller.

  • There is a separate ‘Art.1’ button; instead of it being shared with the ‘Rotary’ function.

  • When connected to a Genos, an ‘Art.3’ button appears in keeping with the panel of the main keyboard.

Voices Page
  • Organ Flute voices (with the prefix ‘Org:’) are available from the Voice Map and can be edited by double-tapping on the voice name to open the virtual drawbars panel.

  • The ‘Favourites’ page can be saved separately to help with adding your own custom voices from another instrument.

  • All the DSP effects settings are embedded in each voice.

Voice Set pages
  • The ‘DSP’ box now displays the actual insertion effect contained in the voice settings.

  • The ‘Edit’ button opens a brand new effect editor display. This gives full control over every aspect of the insertion effect applied to every part within V-Console. You can store 160 of your own ‘User Effect Presets’ for instant recall.

  • The ‘Sostenuto’ controller function has been added.

  • An ‘Art.3’ controller function has been added for the Genos.

  • ‘Aftertouch’ is now supported. All solo instruments respond to key pressure in the same way as the panel voices of the main keyboard.

  • The ‘Aftertouch’ button opens a panel to allow quick application of the aftertouch sensitivity to other voices.

  • You can choose to switch ‘Aftertouch’ off on the setup page ‘Preferences’ if you wish.

Controllers page
  • There are 3 new assignable controllers: Sostenuto, Articulation 3, and Rotary On/Off.

  • The ‘Mic’ level control from the Genos or Tyros 5 panel sliders can be assigned to the ‘Data Entry’ function to help with fine adjustment of the controls on V-Console.

  • You can load and save up to 6 of your own controller configurations.

Setup Page
  • A ‘Preferences’ button gives access to some new choices: Console part drag & drop mode – copy or swap; Show key ranges on Console display – on or off; LinkReg registration change base number – 8 or 10 (to help with using V-Console registrations from the Tyros version); Receive Aftertouch – on or off.

  • The ‘AutoBass’ function can be switched on or off.

  • The ‘Show MIDI Monitor’ button opens a window to view incoming MIDI messages from your system. These are now displayed in a more descriptive way.

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