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What’s New?


Version 2.1 to 2.3

Here is a summary of all the new features in version 2.3 when compared with version 2.1 

  • Support for PSR-SX900.

Global Controls 

  • 32 registration banks per Registration Set File instead of 16.

  • Customisable display font and size.

For Genos and PSR-SX900

  • ‘Link Reg Bank’ for Genos and PSR-SX900: V-Console automatically selects a matching registration bank on main keyboard when a bank is selected.

  • ‘Live Bank Control’ automatically calls up a bank in V-Console when a bank is selected on the main keyboard. A previously linked bank is automatically loaded, or a new blank bank is created.

  • Registrations can be controlled either by pressing the registration memory buttons on the main keyboard or the V-Console without changing mode. No more need to use ‘LinkReg’ voices.

For Tyros 5

  • A new ‘Index Bank’ function to store and recall individual banks more easily.

  • Multiple index folders can be created to match the structure of your own registration bank collection.

Voices Page

  • Voice maps can be easily loaded and saved through the voice map button.

  • To speed up customising the voice map with your own (or expansion) voices, individual voice files can be imported directly into the voice map from USB. They can also be imported as batches of files.

Voice Set Pages

  • Simplified layout.

  • New on-screen numeric keypad for increased accuracy.

  • Within a key map, switching on ‘Play Origin’ means that you will hear the original key as well as the altered key.

  • New controls: EQ Frequency Controls for High and Low, and Insert Effect Depth Control.

  • In the DSP Insert Effect edit window you can now save and load your own User Effect Preset banks.

Load/Save Page

  • 8 User folders instead of 2.

  • Single banks can be stored and retrieved.

Version 1 to Version 2.1

Here is a summary of all the new features in version 2.1.4. Of course, you will find more detail in the main ‘User Guide’.

Console Page
  • You can now just 'swipe' across a selection of tabs to turn them on or off as well as tapping them individually.

  • A new ‘AutoBass’ feature plays an automatic bass note by recognising the chord notes played by the left hand.

  • Any active ‘Key Range’ settings for a part are shown beneath the voice name. You can now see instantly whether a voice has been ‘split’ and where you will hear it on the keyboards.

  • When dragging and dropping parts you can choose whether you want the part to be copied (overwrite the existing part) or swapped (the parts change places).

  • You can give parts temporary names. For example, the ‘Diapason’ voice can be re-named ‘Diapason 8ˈ’. These temporary names are stored with the registration and don’t affect the original voice map.

  • There is a separate ‘Rotary On/Off’ button on the V-Console panel. This can also be assigned to a controller.

  • There is a separate ‘Art.1’ button; instead of it being shared with the ‘Rotary’ function.

  • When connected to a Genos, an ‘Art.3’ button appears in keeping with the panel of the main keyboard.

Voices Page
  • Organ Flute voices (with the prefix ‘Org:’) are available from the Voice Map and can be edited by double-tapping on the voice name to open the virtual drawbars panel.

  • The ‘Favourites’ page can be saved separately to help with adding your own custom voices from another instrument.

  • All the DSP effects settings are embedded in each voice.

Voice Set pages
  • The ‘DSP’ box now displays the actual insertion effect contained in the voice settings.

  • The ‘Edit’ button opens a brand new effect editor display. This gives full control over every aspect of the insertion effect applied to every part within V-Console. You can store 160 of your own ‘User Effect Presets’ for instant recall.

  • The ‘Sostenuto’ controller function has been added.

  • An ‘Art.3’ controller function has been added for the Genos.

  • ‘Aftertouch’ is now supported. All solo instruments respond to key pressure in the same way as the panel voices of the main keyboard.

  • The ‘Aftertouch’ button opens a panel to allow quick application of the aftertouch sensitivity to other voices.

  • You can choose to switch ‘Aftertouch’ off on the setup page ‘Preferences’ if you wish.

Controllers page
  • There are 3 new assignable controllers: Sostenuto, Articulation 3, and Rotary On/Off.

Setup Page
  • A ‘Preferences’ button gives access to some new choices: Console part drag & drop mode – copy or swap; Show key ranges on Console display – on or off; LinkReg registration change base number – 8 or 10 (to help with using V-Console registrations from the Tyros version); Receive Aftertouch – on or off.

  • The ‘AutoBass’ function can be switched on or off.

  • The ‘Show MIDI Monitor’ button opens a window to view incoming MIDI messages from your system. These are now displayed in a more descriptive way.

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